An innovative program that services members both at home and on the Internet. We deliver books to your home or work at your convenience, and you can have access to book quizzes, video lectures, vocabulary lists, and audio books on our website.

We exchange books and assignments twice a month on scheduled days.

- This improves time-management and creates better reading habits.

Our staff visits members with pre-selected books and study aids and exchanges them.

- This saves you the time you usually waste on driving to a book store or library and finding appropriate books for your students.

Present public school teachers select required books for each grade level.

- As a result, your student will receive all necessary books for his/her grade level.

We have created a program that consists of books based on levels, genres, and quantities.

- This provides students a variety of books that fits their reading level.

We provide tests for all books sent to students.

- Students will practice critical reading.

We provide vocabulary lists and online tests for College Board recommended readings.

- This is especially effective because students will study vocabulary while reading and learn how words are used in context (how they are used in sentences).

We provide video lectures for each writing type.

- Students will learn essential skills for writing.

We provide forms that will teach students the necessary formats and methods for successful compositions.

- This will help eliminate typical writing errors, improve fundamental writing skills, increase vocabulary, elevate language skills, and generate well-organized and well-structured writing compositions.

We grade according to the SAT and STAR writing test grading criteria.

- This prepares students for all standardized tests.

Monthly report cards will be mailed out.

- This is an easy way to observe reading and writing skills improvement.